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When it comes down to it, we want the brand we are building to be a household name. On The Whole Brand podcast, we unpack the four key elements that create the whole brand. Your internal culture, your customer engagement, your marketing and messaging, and your visual identity, and they all start with your why. Each week we cover one of the key elements with a brand leader, unpacking their why, and we can learn from where they are today. Together, let’s make your brand a household name.
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Ep. 23 | The Secret To Creating A Longstanding Brand

We were at the Winter Fancy Foods show hosted by the Specialty Foods Association, and we got the chance to interview 3 very successful companies, some dating back to over 100 years ago! Let’s dive in and learn what these incredible brands have to teach us.
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The Whole Brand Intro

When it comes down to it, we all want the brand we are building to be a household name. On “The Whole Brand” Podcast, we unpack the four key elements that create a whole brand. Your internal culture, your customer engagement, your marketing and messaging, and your visual identity and it starts with your why.

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Ep. 1 | The Whole Brand - Internal Culture

In today’s episode, Ian starts by unpacking the importance of discovering your why as an organization, then moves on to the first pillar of the “Whole Brand Framework,” internal culture. Your internal culture feeds so many aspects of your organization. Ian shares the importance of internal culture and the significant elements that go into creating this essential element of “The Whole Brand.”

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Ep. 2 | The Whole Brand - Customer Engagement

In this week’s episode, Ian covers the next part of “The Whole Brand Framework” – Customer Engagement. This is everything from sales, to customer service, to how you follow up, and surprise and delight your customers. Customer engagement is anything you interact with a customer. It has to align with your Why, and show people you value not only them, but also the problems you solve for them.

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Ep. 3 | The Whole Brand - Marketing & Communication

Marketing and communication is all about getting the word out there about your brand, and making it authentic and valuable to your audience. In this episode, Ian unpacks the key elements to your marketing and communication efforts; beginning with your message, then talking about strategy and consistency. Without effective marketing and communication your brand will struggle to make headway in the long-haul.

8:44 min listen

Ep. 4 | The Whole Brand - Visual Identity

The final pillar of The Whole Brand framework is your Visual identity. When using the word brand, most people think logos, colors, and fonts. In reality, these are only pieces of what makes up a whole brand. In this episode Ian talks about the importance of visual identity and the key component that makes your visual identity work for you. Be sure to check out to download The Whole Brand framework infographic, so you can start applying The Whole Brand framework in your organization today!

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Ep. 5 | The Whole Brand - Nick Doucett from Ursa Major

Nick has a long history in aerospace technology; from working with SpaceX and Elon Musk, to now growing Ursa Major into the company that it is today. Nick has some amazing lessons for us on how to develop great internal company culture in an industry where you’re literally employing rocket scientists. Don’t forget to follow/subscribe, and follow us on social media for more ways to better your brand. Key Takeaways From Today’s conversation 1. Give your teams high responsibility with clear direction 2. Your Job as a leader is to grow and develop top talent 3. Set clear actionable core values for your team 4. Remember you are not trying to create better workers. You are trying to help create better people, so we can have a better world.

32:35 min listen

Ep. 6 | The Whole Brand - Customer Engagement ft. Don Overcash

Today Ian sits down with Don Overcash. Don has nearly 3 decades of sales experience, and over 50 in leadership coaching. Today, Don and Ian unpack the importance of empathy and authority, as well as how that translates into not just becoming a better seller, but a better person.

29:52 min listen

Ep. 7 | The Whole Brand - Creating a Marketing Strategy

Today, Ian talks about helping you develop a clear and effective marketing strategy. No matter the size of your company or the industry you’re in, you’re sure to walk away with some truly valuable information from today’s episode.

22:48 min listen

Ep. 8 | The Whole Brand - Customer Engagement From The PGA Tour

Drew Blass is the tournament director for The Ascendent presented by Blue at TPC Colorado. On today’s episode, Drew and Ian unpack not only how to create and brand a successful event, but also how to create sponsorship and partner opportunities that are ACTUALLY worth investing in.
35:32 min listen

Ep. 9 | The Whole Brand - How You Look & What You Give

Zach Puckett is the owner of Skazma Custom Apparel. Skazma specializes in custom apparel; everything from screen printing, embroidery, graphic design or promotional items. Today, Ian and Zach discuss the importance of establishing a visual identity, and well as the importance of having stand-out customer service.
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Ep. 10 | Maintaining Culture While Working From Home

WE’RE BACK!! Today Ian guides you through what you need to do in order to cultivate and maintain the culture of your organization, even if most of the employees are remote.
16:25 min listen

Ep. 11 | The Importance of Putting Humans First

Today on the podcast, we get to hear from Doug Shapiro. As vice president of research and insights at OFS, Doug brings more than 15 years of experience collaborating with product and interior designers from around the globe. After graduating from Millikin University with a bachelor’s in business, he began his career at OFS in international sourcing before transitioning to director of product development.
In today’s work place, humans are our most precious asset. Listen in as Ian and Doug discuss how we can better improve our human experience in the work place.

33:32 min listen

Ep. 12 | Understanding Social Media & The Roll It Plays

Today Ian sits down with Root Source’s very own Marcus Robinson to discuss the “hows” and “whys” of all things social media.
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Ep. 13 | Inviting Your Customer Into A Story - ft. Dr. JJ Peterson

Today we have the one and only Dr. JJ Peterson on podcast. Since 2013, Dr. J.J. Peterson has used the StoryBrand Framework to help thousands of organizations clarify their message in order to grow their business. He holds a PhD in Communication and has spent the last 20 years practicing and teaching communication theory. J.J. has studied C.S. Lewis in Oxford, debated theology with filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival, directed a documentary, served in marketing and PR for two multinational non-profit organizations, served as a communication professor, and has spoken to thousands of people about creating a clear message. As the Head of StoryBrand, J.J. travels around the world facilitating StoryBrand workshops and keynotes, helping people grow their business.
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Ep. 14 | How to Scale Your Business & Scale It Well

We’re honored to have Allison Seabeck on The Whole Brand Podcast this week! Allison has a passion for helping visionary leaders and growing organizations make greater and more positive impacts in the world. As an executive leader and business adviser, she focuses on building alignment and clarity of purpose with leadership teams, particularly during times of growth and change. As Executive Director of the Warehouse Business Accelerator, Allison is building a regional support network to help innovative businesses in Northern Colorado scale their organizations and build sustainable success. The Warehouse is Northern Colorado’s scale-up accelerator for technology and advanced manufacturing businesses who have graduated from start-up phase.
30:30 min listen

Ep. 15 | Your Brand Is So Much More Than Just Your Logo

Kimjera Whittington is the CEO of Evolve Global Marketing. She is the industry expert in helping businesses gain a competitive advantage and outmaneuver sameness in today’s digital world. Kimjera brings with her 25+ years of experience in helping transform brands. So tune in as she discusses just how to make your brand stand out!
24:23 min listen

Ep. 16 | Building Culture for The Win

With nearly 30 years of experience as a leader, pastor, coach, speaker, musician, and presenter in Australia and North America, Tim brings a diverse background in church, nonprofit, and for-profit environments to his role as CEO/President of Slingshot Group. Throughout his time at Slingshot, Tim and the teams he’s led have staffed and coached well over a thousand churches, organizations, and leaders. For Tim, this work provides a perfect combination of strategic leadership and relational connection, allowing him to invest in teams in tandem with serving leaders. Tim believes, “When the mission of the leader and the mission of the organization line up, that’s when the magic happens! Alignment is everything, and the best investment you’ll ever make is in your leaders.”
21:08 min listen

Ep. 17 | Understanding The Secret Society Of Success​

Tim Schurrer was the right hand to Donald Miller for almost a decade as COO of StoryBrand. During his time working at StoryBrand, as well as at TOMS Shoes and at Apple under Steve Jobs, he discovered a secret society of people who taught him a new way to define success that’s counter to what culture is selling. For most people, success is within their grasp-they’ve just been looking for it in all the wrong places. Tim is on a mission to give them the map because everyone deserves a life and career they love.
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Ep. 18 | The Art of Engagement

Kenny Jahng is editor-in-chief of and founder of Kenny is a fully Certified StoryBrand copywriting consultant to churches and leads a content marketing agency for ministries.
24:59 min listen

Ep. 19 | Leveraging A.I. for Your Business

Kenny Jahng is editor-in-chief of and founder of Kenny is a fully Certified StoryBrand copywriting consultant to churches and leads a content marketing agency for ministries.
17:02 min listen

Ep. 20 | Why You Should Start A Podcast

Today Ian talks with Mark Labriola (Brand Viva) about podcasting; the pros, cons, and setting realistic expectations for your podcast. There’s some really valuable information in this episode- especially for those of you still on the fence about starting a podcast, and we’re grateful to Mark for his time.

45:02 min listen

Ep. 21 | The Whole Brand Overview

Happy New Year!! We’re kicking off 2024 with an overview of the Whole Brand framework. This is a high level view of the process we walk our clients through.
16:14 min listen

Ep. 22 | Creating a Purpose Driven Work Environment

This week we’re excited to have David Brodeur-Johnson on The Whole Brand. David’s expertise lies in guiding leaders to comprehend the profound impact of various technologies and decisions on employee motivation, performance, and, ultimately, customer outcomes. Tune in to our podcast as we delve into a conversation with David Johnson, unraveling the intricacies of human performance and its pivotal role in shaping the corporate landscape.
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