4 Free Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Reach

Social media is more important than ever. With the work from home culture Covid has created, and the amount of people who are engaging on the platforms everyday you can’t leave your social media up to change. Here are 4 free ways to improve your reach and grow your following in 2021. No matter the platform Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.. these tips will help you take your social media to the next level.

Post Often

This seems simple and obvious, but if content is king, consistency is queen. The average user checks just their Facebook alone 13.8 times a day. When they open it, are they seeing your content? What about when they open Instagram? LinkedIn? It’s not enough to post once a week and then forget about it, especially if you’re a business.

Post every day. Post everywhere.

Provide Value

By providing your audience with free value, you’re able to prove yourself as genuine, authentic, and knowledgeable. Do this for long enough, and by the time it comes to ask for the sale, you’ve built enough trust that it will be a much easier yes.

Want to take it a step further? Give people tips on how to solve the problem your business solves without having to buy the product you sell. We’re a marketing company giving you free advice that if followed, would actually make it less necessary for you to hire us…


It takes zero talent to respond to every single person who comments on one of your posts. We as humans love it when we get a notification, and responding helps people stay engaged, and boosts the interaction amount of the post when the algorithm recognizes it as an authentic interaction. You would be amazed at how far you could get by just simply interacting with everyone who’s engaging with your brand.

Be Authentic

DVR was invented because we want to enjoy the things we like on our own time, and uninterrupted. People don’t want to see ads. Your posts should be thoughtful to represent you, and your brand in a way that doesn’t feel like another advertisement in their news feed, otherwise they will continue to scroll past.

Remember your success will ultimately be determined by whether or not people view your brand as one that sells products, or one that solves problems. People buy products and services or donate to causes only after they have read or heard the words that make them want to do those things. Be the Guide to your customers and use your social media to help them solve their problems.

Ps. Looking for a Social Media Manager? We can help with all your social media needs. From content creation to managing your profiles. Contact us today to book a cosultation. 

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